Supervisory Procedures a re working documents that are regularly amended and updated to reflect the laws, rules and regulations of the industry. 

Written Supervisory Procedures (“WSP”)

SRP has developed the WSP that meet the needs of brokers/dealers of all sizes and types of business, such as:

  • All products and services offered by the firm;
  • Rule changes or new business activities; and
  • For each supervisory requirement, reflect who will be responsible, what will be reviewed, when it will be reviewed and how the review will be documented.

 Branch Manager Supervisory Procedures (“BMSP”)

The BMSP sets forth the written supervisory policies and procedures applicable to the supervision of each registered representative and associated person located in a branch office.

The purpose of this manual is to establish the procedures to be followed by the OSJ and non-OSJ Branch Manager in the execution of his or her supervisory responsibilities for securities sales activities. 

Written Compliance Guidelines (“WCG”)

SRP has developed the WCG setting forth the written policies and procedures applicable to each registered representative. The purpose of the WCG is to provide the registered representative a manual that details their compliance responsibilities to the firm as well as to their clients.

Investment Advisor Procedures (“IAP”)

The purpose of this manual is to familiarize officers, managers, supervisors and adviser representatives with compliance and regulatory policies of the firm, as well as, with federal and/or state laws so that they operate, at all times, with the highest ethical standards. 

Supervisory Procedures services offered by SRP include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Provide model procedures that the firm can adapt to its particular operations;
  • Develop and assist in the implementation of customized procedures;
  • Review and update the firm’s current procedures;
  • Assist in establishing policies and procedures for monitoring employees’ compliance with the rules;
  • Assist with the development of policies and procedures for new products and services;
  • Advise of changes and additions to the rules relating to the firm’s specific issues; and
  • Provide a supervisory checklist, detailing each principal’s supervisory responsibilities daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually.



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